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Gotta love some chocolate

Ok so me and my wife to be are doing a final shop before our wedding (which is sat) and honeymoon and I stumble across some bars of chocolate which packaging I thought was just genius (on some at least). Anyway below is a link to the companies website and have a look for yourselves. Oh by the way the Chocolate itself isn’t that bad either.

some one has too much time, but its cool …

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Ok gang this is going to be comic book related (again … sorry) but found this this today. A pretty cool fan made opening credits sequence for the new X-Men movie prequel coming out later this year. If you are following then you’ll remember the Saul Bass style X-Men First Class posters, well this continues on those themes click on the link bellow and … enjoy

More geeky stuff

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Ok I know this is still comic related and I vow I will try and get away from that, but I found these and thought they nicely tied into the essay I’m about to write (sort of)

Yes I’m a geek but thought these were cool!!!

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As you’ll come to learn I’m a bit geeky at times, but recently at uni I had a project where we were encouraged to look at ┬áthe work of Saul Bass. I stumbled upon these by chance and thought they were pretty cool, I actually wouldn’t mind having one framed and hanging on my wall.


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